Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barnyard Tales August 15, 2012

Back in the classroom after a long time. Good session though we got a late start as the families trickled in over a 15 minute period. Eventually we had five little girls plus a 5-month-old baby brother.  

Owl day. Brought in a half-eaten beet from my garden, complete with vole teeth marks on it, for "show and tell." Talked about the vole problem at Luscher Farm and the recent release of four, young barn owls to try to help control the pests. Why barn owls? Their favorite food is voles!! Shared some books about barn owls. One of the books told us that a nesting pair with four or five owlets can easily eat 1,000 critters in a year. I'll bet there are that many and more at Luscher Farms!! Happy hunting, owls!!

After talking about voles and owls, we enjoyed a story for the two younger girls, I Can't Get My Turtle to Come Out. It might take a cookie to entice a kid out, but a lettuce leaf did the trick for the turtle!! 

Then it was time for silliness. Teeny Weeny Bop is a story about a foolish woman who keeps going back to market, trading in one pet after another--a pig, a cat, a hamster and finally a slug. She's certain that each new pet will be the perfect one, but, of course, they each wreck havoc on her garden and house in their own special way. 

We ended by singing about another foolish woman, the one who swallowed a fly!! And a spider, a bird, a cat, a dog........a horse!! Even our shy girl giggled over that one!

Shorter time outside today because of late start, but had a great time checking out a vole "housing development," an apple tree laden with red apples in Oregon Tilth's garden, and wondering over a variety of tomato that has shiny black fruit. Showed the girls how to make a "Spanish dancer" from a hollyhock blossom and bud, the kind of toy little farm girls might have played with in times past. 

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