Friday, August 24, 2012

Barnyard Tales from the Farmhouse 8-22-12

The cooler morning air reminded us that fall is just around the corner. It was good to be back on the cozy carpet in the farmhouse for stories. 

Families drifted in slowly. Started with three, but ultimately we had 10 children and a baby. Good to have some of our regulars back from vacation. A baby who earlier in the summer was in a carrier now sits up by himself, squealing with delight to be part of the group. He's growing like a weed. Others who earlier in the summer had trouble sitting "criss-cross applesauce" have nearly mastered it. Yay!! That way everyone can see the pictures. 

Read Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee, a funny story about a horse who gives all the farm animals a ride on his back--faster and faster and faster! You can imagine what happened!! Henrietta showed off for the children with "Peter Piper" and begged me to read My Hen is Dancing by Karen Wallace again. She had an ulterior motive--teaching them the "Chicken Dance." And she did!! It was Oktoberfest right there in Mrs. Luscher's living room--beaks a peckin', wings a flappin', and tails a wigglin'! Aren't chickens silly when they dance?

After all that excitement, we had to settle down with a couple of stories about how animals sleep, even children. As they laid on the carpet I sang "Silly Lullaby" from Philadelphia Chickens..."♫ the chickens in the bathtub, ♫ the closet full of sheep, ♫ the sneakers in the freezer are all drifting off to sleep....." and finally, "♫ The owl is whispering, 'Moo.'" Moo? Really? Moo? They thought that was pretty funny.   

Before we headed out to feed the chickens and check on the garden, we did a "call and response" vegetable chant, Rah, Rah, Radishes!  by April Pulley Sayre. Maybe that's why they were so eager to taste my cherry tomatoes and gobble up the green beans they picked from the vines running up the tepee in the Children's Garden.  One little guy asked, "What happened to all the strawberries?" Time for a conversation about how plants produce crops seasonally. Strawberry season is over. But blackberry season is here. We'd sampled some blackberries (one little boy's favorite "vegetable") on the way to the garden. Yum!

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